Tips for Planning a Vacation When You and Your Significant Other Work Different Shifts

Planning a vacation isn’t easy – the packing, the tickets, the trying to go somewhere no relatives live. All of this is enough to make you need a vacation from your vacation. But planning a trip when you and your significant other work different shifts is even more difficult.

So, how do plan something that benefits both of you? How do you avoid taking a trip where one of you naps the time away? Start with the following:

Agree on where you want to go

Ideally, every vacation would involve this element, but this isn’t always the case. From the wife dragged to the Pro Football Hall of Fame to the husband sitting inside the Mall of America, not every destination is dynamic for everyone (stereotypically speaking, of course). Recognize this and do what you can to work around it. Go somewhere both of you will enjoy.

Choose activities you both like

Agreeing on a destination is important, but agreeing on activities is important, too. For shift workers, activities that are boring are especially conducive to sleep. Of course, if you can’t agree, that’s okay – just agree to disagree, split off, and do your own thing.

Pick a place with day and nightlife

There are some places better known for the nightlife (ahem, Las Vegas), while others are better known for daytime activities. Picking a place with variety is beneficial to those who work opposite shifts. If you’re used to working from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., for instance, you probably don’t want to vacation in a town that shuts down at sunset.

Adjust your shift accordingly

If your boss is amenable to it, ask if you can adjust your shift in preparation for the vacation. If your body is acclimated to sleeping all day but you’re headed to the beach, speak to management about changing your shift in the weeks prior to your travels. This helps prepare your body for what lies ahead, and prevents you from having to do things like surf in the middle of the night.

Don’t forget about a recovery period

No one loves to return from vacation only to head to work the next day. But this is even worse when your job involves shiftwork. Remember this and plan for a recovery period. If you return from vacation on Friday, don’t aim to go back to work until Monday or Tuesday.

Vacationing should be easy, but opposite schedules add an extra hiccup. These tips will help – keep them in mind next time you’re planning a trip. They’ll assure you happy trails, instead of “nappy” ones.

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