How to Improve Work Place Communication

Communication, they say, is the key to a relationship. While this is usually spoken about in regard to spouses or people who are dating, it’s also true in the workplace. To manage effectively, a boss must communicate effectively, as well.

Fortunately, this is easy to do, especially in a technological world where we communicate in a variety of ways. Thus, some of the tricks worth employing include:

Use apps

Communication? There’s an app for that! Use of apps helps assure your employees are all on the same page in terms of what needs to get done around the office. Apps are simple and effective – you can rely on them to help employees manage their shifts or communicate their concerns.

Encourage feedback

Of course, good communication also involves being open to the opinions of others, even if those opinions aren’t what you want to hear. Mandate a policy that encourages feedback and act on that feedback. Bosses who work to meet the needs of their employees keep those employees.

Follow up in writing

There’s a reason the saying “get it in writing” is a thing: writing sticks when verbal communication doesn’t. It provides a record upon which people can look back on and refer. It also allows you to clearly communicate what you’re trying to say without getting tongue tied or risking a misunderstanding. So, when in doubt, send an email out!

Hold yourself accountable

A major element in communication is holding yourself accountable to the standards you set. If you communicate to your employees that they must always be on time and then you, yourself, regularly show up late, you demonstrate that the rules don’t apply to you. When rules don’t apply to managers, employees don’t think they should apply to them, either.

Try constructive criticism

No one likes to be criticized, but constructive criticism is much easier to swallow than other kinds. Communicating your disappointment in a way that aims to motivate and correct an employee is much different than communicating in a way that shames your staff. This isn’t to say you need to provide laudation where it isn’t deserved – a server who breaks a bottle of bourbon because he was practicing his juggling skills doesn’t need to be congratulated on his dexterity – but choose your words carefully. Aim to improve a situation rather than make it worse.

In the modern era, we’re connected more than ever and this should make communication easier. Apps and email help get this communication across, but what is said is up to you.

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