The Five Most Tempting Reasons to Play Hooky This Fall

Ah, fall. The pumpkin patches. The hayrides. The football games. The beer fests. And the long hours at the office! One of the above is not like the others. Yes, autumn is a fun and glorious time of year; unfortunately, pesky employment gets in the way. But not all is lost: fall is hooky’s favorite season!

So, what are some of the best reasons to skip work for a bit more play? They include:

Hitting the slopes

From fresh powder to the adrenaline rush, hitting the slopes is much more fun than punching the clock!

For people who ski, snowboard, or have a gold medal in sledding, fall offers plenty of reasons to dodge the job. Just remove the lift ticket from your jacket before you return to the office.

Taking a ride on a hot air balloon

Most people will spend their entire lives without ever taking a ride on a hot air balloon. So, if the opportunity presents itself (as it often does at festivals), jump at the opportunity. You may want to pass if you’re afraid of heights…or afraid of helium.

Going to a farmer’s market

Stalk a piece of celery. Let corn lend you an ear. Stare lovingly into the eyes of a potato. Basically, go to a farmer’s market to get your produce. They’re much more fun than regular super markets. They’re cheaper, too. It adds a little practicality to your ditch day. ;)

Watching a football game

If you work in the food or beverage industry, your boss will probably be less than thrilled that you call in sick on gameday. But they’ll get over it, because they’ll never know the truth! They’ll think you’re sidelined by strep when you’re really on the sidelines at the stadium.

Taking a scenic drive

No matter where you live, the odds are that there’s beauty somewhere. Whether you drive down the coast or up to the hills, through a forest or through wheat fields, our country is America, the beautiful for a reason. Hop in a car and hit the gas. For added fun, have no idea where you’re going!

Thinking of a reason to play hooky is never hard – watching paint dry could be fun? But the above are especially enjoyable this time of year. So fall into autumn on the right foot. In other words, come down with the “flu.”

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