5 Ideas That Will Help You Live More And Work Less This Fall

Summer may be a hard act to follow, what with all the sunshine and long days. But autumn is no slouch – for many of us, it’s easy to fall in love with fall. From beer-fests to concerts, from hiking to biking to hitting the slopes, there are all sorts of things to do. And there’s certainly no reason to let work get in the way!

So, how do make sure autumn allows for plenty of time for living? Consider the following:

Take time off when you want, not just when you must

The holidays begin in autumn: fall break, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas – ‘tis the season of in-laws! And this means things get busy and get busy fast. Often, this requires you to take time off – someone has to entertain Aunt Thelma after she flew in all the way from Omaha! But make sure you take time off for fun things and not just obligations.

Organize your schedule around your favorite activities

Apple picking on Saturdays. Football on Sundays. Hikes around the hills on weekday mornings. Whatever your favorite fall activity involves, make time for it! Schedule your shifts around the things you find the most enjoyable; that’ll prevent the season from passing you by. This way, you won’t wake up one morning to realize that, suddenly, it’s February.

Switch your shifts in advance

Yep – November and December are insane for you! But they’re also insane for everyone else, too. If you know of parties or events you want to attend, switch your shifts in advance. Switching last minute isn’t always doable, especially during a season with so much festivity.

Try to host the holidays elsewhere

Sure, there’s lots to be said for the comforts of home, but hosting the holidays at your place isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Not only is it extremely time consuming – the cleaning, the organizing, the cooking, the tearing the house apart in an attempt to locate your great-great-grandmother’s gravy boat– but it’s stressful to boot. Consider going elsewhere – a sibling’s, a parent’s, a cruise to the Bahamas.

Buy a ski pass

You might not ski (or live in an area where snow even exists), but if you do, a ski pass is a must have. Not only does it save you money, but it forces you to make a financial investment, as well. The latter helps assure your commitment. This isn’t to say that, without a pass, you’ll never hit the slopes. But a pass does help ensure that you’ll hit them more often. And you’ll be glad you did.

Fall is a time we swap out our swimsuits for snowsuits and embrace the changing leaves, the cooler air, and pumpkin-spiced everything. It’s also a time to get out and experience all that is offered. These tips help guarantee you take advantage of autumn…one hike, one party, and one run at a time.

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