How to Make Sure Your Team is Covered While You’re on Vacation

Vacationing is an important part of life: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (and also filled with resentment about his career). But, when you’re in charge, vacationing comes with extra stress: how will the company manage without you? This is a perfectly reasonable question: after all, you’re the leader. Yet there are ways to reduce the odds of something going wrong. And these include:


Delegate – good times, come on! When you’re away from the office, there’s nothing more important than delegating: give your duties to someone else. But don’t stop there, make sure all necessarily tasks are allotted to assigned people. And, importantly, put one person in charge. 

Give plenty of notice

Calling a team meeting ten minutes before you catch your flight to Fiji isn’t going to do you any favors. Sure, some vacations are indeed spontaneous, but – when you’re in management – your ability to travel on spur-of-the-moment adventures is more limited. Ideally, you’ll provide your employees with plenty of warning about your absence. This gives them time to ask questions and cement plans. 

Tell your customers

Of course, letting your customers know you’ll be out of the office is also smart. This communicates to them that things may not go as smoothly as usual, which invites them to be empathetic. It’s also something they can understand: oh, you’re taking a vacation from the job you work so hard at – wel,l we can’t fault you for that. What’s more, it encourages customers to address any pending issues before you head out of town.

Set boundaries

Some managers go on vacation requesting zero communication from their staff – they want to be surprised upon their return! Others make themselves available for emergency situations. And then there are those who run their business from the beach. Your mode of operation is up to you to create, but, once you do, set boundaries and stick to them. If you don’t want an employee calling you every time a minor issue arises, make sure that’s clear. 

Know something will go wrong

Every day, millions of managers leave for vacation and their businesses are fine. But that doesn’t mean they come back to perfection. When you leave people in charge who are not used to being in charge, there is a learning curve. Appreciate this. If you can, your staff will appreciate you even more.

Vacations are necessary for everyone, including the boss. These tips will help your business stay in check while you’re checking things off your bucket list. 

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