Signs Your Employees Are About to Skip Work

People miss work for a variety of reasons; some are valid, and some are not. As a business owner, it’s easy to grow frustrated by this. An employer needs employees, and it’s easy to forget that staffing challenges are just one of those things that go along with the territory of owning a business. Most of us favor play over work, regardless of our position in our company.

Still, you can prepare yourself by looking for signs that your employees are plotting to leave early or call in sick. Consider some of the following hints:

They’re actively seeking germs.

Your employees are intentionally trying to get sick. Nothing too bad, just a head cold. A sniffle. A cough. Something that can only be cured by a day spent in the great outdoors.

They tell you they’ll see you on Monday, even though it’s only Thursday.

Not everyone is conspicuous about their plans. Sometimes you don’t have to read between the lines much to uncover the plot.

The excuses sound familiar.

One by one, your staff tells you a story about a sick relative who needs attention. Strangely, every member of your team is experiencing this tragedy at once. When you confront them, they claim to all be cousins.

They’re checking the weather.

The only people who are concerned about the weather are those who are heading into it. Your employees wouldn’t grumble about the blizzard in the mountains if they weren’t going that way.

They stop talking when you walk in.

Do you hear your workers chatting cheerfully across the hall? Do they high-five each other from behind the glass? Do they stop when you walk in? Yep, they’re about to ditch you for something way more fun.

They post on social media. 

Your employees may tell you they’re about to play hooky by posting on social media. They’ll ask someone to take their shift or overtly reveal their plans. Have they forgotten that you’re their friend on  Facebook?

Their backseat is loaded with ski gear.

Sure, one employee might store their ski gear in the backseat of their car on a regular basis, but several employees? If multiple workers do this, they’re planning to leave early. Unless you’re hosting “Bring Your Ski Gear to Work Day.” If that’s the case, all bets are off.

They ask about your attendance policy.

Asking about an attendance policy isn’t an obvious sign of shenanigans, but it is suspicious. The only people who care about attendance policies are those who aren’t attenders.

They’re in a mad rush to get their work done.

Did the pep talk you gave in the breakroom inspire your staff to strive for greatness? No. Is your team focused and ready to conquer the world anyway? Also no. They merely want to tie up loose ends before tying on their scarves and hitting the slopes.

They’re in cahoots.

If your employees exchange knowing glances, quiet giggles, and subtle text messages, there’s a good chance that they are planning a mass exodus. If you keeping hearing the words “They can’t fire us all!” those odds grow stronger.

Having an employee skip their shift shouldn’t bring your business to a screeching halt. Don’t make your customers pay the price for your staff’s carefree lifestyle.  Sign up for our mailing list to learn more about how you and your staff can find a better balance through the use of mobile technology.