Calling in Sick? Avoid These Bogus Excuses

At one time or another, everyone’s called in sick when they weren’t. A day on the slopes with your friends, a sky filled with sunshine, a Dr. Who marathon on TV (and the remote control to set your DVR is all the way in the other room), and the list goes on. There’s no shortage of reasons to play a little hooky now and then. 

However, playing hooky successfully involves convincing your boss that you’re missing work for a good reason. And that begins with avoiding some of these bogus excuses:

Your grandparent died.

Some people jump to death whenever they want to get out of anything. They enjoy its solidity: death is indeed a good reason to miss work. However, faking death comes with its own issues. First, it’s a lie you’ll have to keep going: people will offer their condolences and ask what happened. Secondly, it’s easy to let this excuse get out of hand – suddenly, you’re using it regularly until each of your grandparents have died… all sixteen of them.

You have cramps.

The cramps excuse is great on the surface. It’s particularly good if you have a male boss, as they tend to cave at the mention of anything that even remotely falls into this category. It has its limitations, though. In order for it to be effective you must be: 1) female and 2) willing to only use it every 28-30 days.

You have a doctor’s appointment.

While a doctor’s appointment is certainly a valid reason to miss work, it’s not a valid reason to miss an entire day. Most people can get in and out of the doctor in an under an hour. If you use it as an excuse to miss eight hours, your boss might question if you had an appointment with the ophthalmologist at the local eye clinic or with the mixologist at your local bar.

You have a flat tire.

Like the excuse above, a flat tire is a decent reason to miss an hour or so of work; it’s not a reason to miss work altogether. Under certain circumstances it might fly – you live in a rural area with no tire shop nearby, for instance – but use it with caution if you live in the city or your roommate is a mechanic.

You’re having a personal issue.

The vagueness of this excuse works for some people. Your boss can’t argue that you are not, in fact, having a personal issue, but its ambiguity also hurts. For starters, management may view it as elusive, leaving them to conclude that it’s invalid, as well. The term “personal issue” paves the way for gossip too. Suddenly, the rumor around the water cooler is that you’re missing work because you’re interviewing for another job or you’re having an affair or something way worse for your personal reputation.  

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