5 Secrets of Those Who Successfully Balance Work With Life

As the old adage goes, “Nobody on their deathbed has ever said they wish they would have worked more.” In short, most of us keep jobs because we have to and not because we want to. This isn’t to say employment is entirely unenjoyable – some individuals have careers that tap into their passions – but much of the pleasure in life happens outside the workplace. And that means finding a balance is key.

Of course, this is easier said than done. People often think they’ll someday focus on themselves instead of on their paychecks. Then someday never comes.

But what about those who don’t wait and find this coveted balance? How do they do it? It’s not magic, it’s just the following:

They say no.

For some people, “no” isn’t in their vocabulary. It’s simple: we like to be liked and saying no puts our amiability at risk. But saying no isn’t about being difficult; it’s about being reasonable. This isn’t to say you should be overtly unwilling and unaccommodating, but you shouldn’t be too flexible, either. There’s a line – find it and stay there.

They track their time.

There are some things in life that we can never get back and time tops this list; once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. People who find a work/life balance know this and track their time so that they use it efficiently. If they spend sixty hours a week working and ten hours with their kids, this tracking allows them to recognize the discrepancy…and then remedy it.

They leave work at work.

In today’s age, leaving the office in the office has grown increasingly more difficult. Email, for instance, is something at our fingertips, something we are programmed to check multiple times an hour. But, while this might help procure a promotion, it can also promote a sense of unhappiness.  Balance means taking a break, even if that involves waiting until the next morning to deal with a problem.

They explore their options.

The best thing about hating your job is that it’s not permanent: nothing is stopping you from up and quitting. Sure, you may have financial ramifications and other complications, but finding balance sometimes means seizing the moment. If there’s a job that better allows you to have a life, go and get it.

They focus on self-care.

From meditation to yoga to taking an aimless Sunday drive, there are a variety of ways you can engage in self-care: make this a habit. Don’t just concentrate on mountains of paperwork; actually visit the mountains, too.

It’s not easy to find balance between earning a living and truly living, but it’s possible. The above tips are simple and effective ways to get out of the cubicle and into the world.

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