How Nightshift Workers Can Make More Time for Fun, Friends, and Family

Nightshift worker often struggle to balance work life with life itself. They miss out on parties, school functions, sporting events, and other activities because they’re tending bar or checking a patient’s vitals in a hospital room. While some people are okay with this, others strive to find harmony in their salary and their sanity.

If this applies to you, there are a few steps worth taking to make time for fun and make money, too.

Seek a set schedule

Not every manager is amenable to putting their employees on set schedules. But if yours isn’t against having you work every Friday night with every Tuesday night off – for instance – ask for consistency. This way, you’ll know what to expect and can plan your life accordingly.

Share the graveyards

Some people enjoy working graveyards – they take comfort in the quiet or enjoy the colorful characters who come in at 2 a.m. However, graveyards aren’t conducive to a social life – most of the people you know probably work during the day. So, request that everyone takes a turn working the late shift. This means you won’t have to do it as often.

Swap with others

Shift work is filled with trade – one coworker trades a Saturday night with another coworker’s Monday afternoon. Many managers are fine with this – they don’t care who covers the shift as long as it gets covered. If there’s an event you really want to attend – a concert, for example – ask your coworkers for help. Most will gladly assist, especially if you help them during their times of need.

Be the initiator

If you’re the one whose schedule is challenging, you’ll need to take the lead on initiating social gatherings. Don’t wait for others – they’ll plan things that work for them rather than you. Instead, invite friends and family out on your night or day off. Chances are someone will be free.

Practice good sleep hygiene

One of the most difficult things about working the night shift is trying to sleep when the sun’s shining. If the snooze proves elusive, try a few tricks: invest in a sound machine, take melatonin, and hang blackout curtains.

Ask your spouse to be understanding

If you’re married, shift work may be harder on your spouse than it is on you. So, ask your spouse to be understanding. Explain to them that you’re not planning on working night shifts forever and will eventually find a regular daytime routine. If that doesn’t work, try chocolate.

Shift work isn’t the most convenient type of work, but it comes with the territory of certain jobs. If you’re struggling to have fun and see your loved ones because of your schedule, these tips will help. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is make your life outside of work a priority. Then you’ll give it the attention it deserves.

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