How to Make Work Feel More Like Fun  

If we were to listen to our parents, they’d probably tell us that work wasn’t meant to be fun. And then tell us about how they used to walk uphill both ways through snow to get to their jobs. Yet, as it becomes increasingly evident that emotional health is tied to physical health, balancing work and play has never been more important.

One way to do this is to quit your job entirely! But if you can’t do that because of – well – needing to eat, consider making your job a bit more enjoyable. And, no, you don’t need wine to do this. Instead:

Befriend your coworkers

The number one way to make work feel more like fun is to become friends with your coworkers. Even if you hate your actual job, liking your coworkers makes it much more tolerable. Share your interests and make plans outside of the workplace. You just might find a new BFF.

Listen to music

Not every job allows you to listen to music – if you work in an industry that requires the utmost concentration, your boss may ban Bon Jovi entirely. If not, however, a good song can help make time fly…or at least crawl by a little faster.

Take advantage of breaks

By law, you are allowed a ten-minute break for every four hours worked (as well as a lunch if you work long enough). You’re generally allowed to spend this time any way you want, but you’ll make work more fun by taking full advantage of free-time. Instead of staring off into space or sorting through email, go for a walk out in nature or hang out with a coworker you’re just getting to know.

Place photos within sight

Some people are lucky enough to enjoy their jobs: they see work as the reward. Most of us – the vast majority – are in it for the paycheck. So, remind yourself of what this paycheck can do. Hang pictures of the places you’re hoping to visit or the bands you’re hoping to see. Hang pictures of your friends and family and remind yourself that working allows you time to play with the ones you love.

Some jobs aren’t much fun no matter what you do. But these tips can help shake up the mundane and alter your perspective. They don’t guarantee that you’ll stay content forever, but they might help you hang on a little longer.

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