Is Excessive Overtime Killing Your Team’s Productivity?

Every once in a while, overtime is an inevitability – when things need to get done, they need to get done. But there’s a difference between occasionally asking your staff to stay late and requiring it week after week. The former is understandable - your employees may even be happy about the fatter paychecks. The latter sets your staff up for frustration. And that can kill your team’s productivity.

But, why? Why does asking your staff to be more productive generate the opposite effect? It comes down to the following:

An overworked staff is an overwhelmed staff

When people get overwhelmed, they tend to lose the desire to create, excel, and go that extra mile. They lose this desire because they don’t see the point: their fight or flight kicks in and they want to flee…straight home to their DVR.  It’s simple; people can’t find themselves “inspired” if they’re constantly “perspired.”

An overworked staff won’t stick around

Of course, too much work also leads to burnout: employees grow tired of their jobs…and quickly. So, what do they do? They go to greener pastures and find a new career. Yep, too much overtime can cost you your staff. It might not matter when Tardy Todd or Sassy Sally leave but watching the good employees walk out the door? That’s gonna hurt.

An overworked staff has no work/life balance

More and more, people in managerial roles have begun to focus on the importance of a work/life balance and there’s a solid reason for this transformation: employees who don’t feel as if their job is their life are more likely to enjoy their job and do it well. Too much overtime tips the scale of the work/life balance, threatening the synergy workers covet.

An overworked staff doesn’t adore their boss

Naturally, too much overtime doesn’t bode well for the boss man or boss lady, either. It’s a truth of the job force: employees don’t like employers who expect them to work, work, and work some more. A staff that doesn’t like their boss is less likely to put in their best efforts or perform at the highest level.

Overtime is fine (and, perhaps, beneficial) but only when used in moderation. Think of it like wine; too much kills productivity and only generates regret later.

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