5 Things You Should Never Say At Work

While some people know how to hold their tongues, others aren’t as well-versed in the concept that silence is golden. This isn’t always bad –  it makes for interesting family dinners! But, when it comes to your place of work, there are certain things you should never say. It’s simple: if you want people to cover your shift, they need to like you.

So, what are some of the statements you should avoid? They include:

Criticizing people for taking time off

One of the worst things you can do in a shiftwork environment is criticize others for taking time off. At some point, you’ll want to take time off, too. Criticizing them sets yourself up for hypocrisy: you ask them to cover your shift and they laugh in your face. Then they say no, in case the giggle wasn’t clear.

Complaining about your job

Sure, it’s virtually impossible to work at a job and never complain; no employee is happy all the time in their career. But complaining on occasion is different than doing it with each breath. Too much griping puts management on the defense, but it can also offend your coworkers. No one wants to work alongside Debbie Downer – sometimes, you have to be Debbie Upper, too.

Revealing your plan to play hooky

You know that clever plan where you’ll call in sick so you can go to the Shovels and Rope concert? You know how you plan to leave a voicemail on your supervisor’s line after hours and pause a few times to cough? Your boss can hear you talking about it. He’s right around the corner (and now you’ve ruined things for everyone).

Griping about covering other peoples’ shifts

The best way to assure that your coworkers won’t cover your shift is to gripe about covering theirs. Repeatedly. Shift-sharing is a two-way street. If you want people to go to bat for you, you must go to bat for them without complaining about it every chance you get.

Reminding people that you covered their shift

Everyone remembers that you covered Frank’s shift when he took three days off to ski Whistler. They remember because you tell them about it. All the time. Even though it was two years ago. If you want people to cover your shifts, it’s best not to rehash the shifts you took. They remember on their own.

When you rely on your coworkers to help you take time for play, it’s vital that they like you. Avoiding these tips doesn’t guarantee that they will, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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