How To Find Help When Seasonal Crew Members Prove Unreliable

Good help is, indeed, hard to find. For every star employee on your staff, you’ve likely had your fair share of duds. This, of course, is enough to frustrate even the most level-headed manager; there’s little point in hiring workers if they don’t intend to “work.”

Reliable seasonable employees are even harder to find. Seasonal jobs are temporary by nature and many people treat them as such. They know they won’t last, so they don’t cultivate their careers. 

This doesn’t mean every seasonable employee is going to leave you high and dry and asking why – why in the world did I hire through Craigslist? There are ways to hire proactively, and these include:

Ask your staff for suggestions

Odds are that one of your employees has a cousin, a friend, or a next-door neighbor looking for work. So, ask around. When an employee gets a job through someone they know, the level of personal responsibility increases. They’re not only accountable to themselves, but also the person who vouched for them. And this is often enough to turn a so-so team member into a super one.

Offer an incentive

If you find yourself hiring disappointing employee after disappointing employee, stand back and ask: what’s in it for them? You might not be paying enough, offering enough benefits, or allowing for the desired flexibility. Adding in an extra incentive – such as an end of season bonus for employees who go above and beyond – might provide an extra boost. 

Be clear about your needs up front

Often, employers post job openings with requirements that are vague. If you want reliability, sing it from the mountain top! Make sure your job description clearly states the importance of finding someone who will show up and put in the effort. That will help you weed out some of the people who are flighty. 

Utilize references

In this day and age, it’s hard to get managers to be candid about past employees – many people are worried about ensuing litigation. Ask anyway! If you call a former employer and ask about a potential candidate’s work ethic, you might be able to read between the lines even if they refuse to divulge much information. Asking about Jackie Stevenson’s level of dedication and hearing crickets chirp on the other end of the line? That’s a bad sign. 

Switch up your job postings

Perhaps you’re posting your jobs many places online, or you may favor one or two sites. If you’re doing the latter and repeatedly getting lackluster candidates, broaden your reach. Instead of only using places like Craigslist, try sites that are more professionally focused

Yes, good help is hard to find. But it’s even harder when you don’t take these tips into consideration. Most of all, never rush the hiring process – it’s better to take longer and hire the right person than to act in haste and hire someone not up to the task. 

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