5 Valentine Dates Worth Missing A Shift For

Some people love Valentine’s Day with reckless abandon – they spend the year perfecting their romantic moves, they make grand plans, they have Cupid’s phone number on speed dial. Others greet February 14th with a little more than a sigh (and a hope that there will be chocolate!). 

Wherever you sit on the spectrum, Valentine’s dates are often important for those in a significant relationship. Even if you don’t love the holiday, there’s a chance your partner gets down with gifts, greeting cards, and grand gestures. 

Of course, all of this can be busted if you’re scheduled to work. But if your company offers flexibility in the form of shift-sharing, you’re in luck. There’s plenty to do for all the lovers out there. 

The following is just a taste:

A romantic dinner

A romantic dinner is pretty much synonymous with Valentine’s Day – there’s a reason reservations fill up at all the hottest restaurants. This isn’t to say you need to go somewhere expensive – you can have a romantic dinner anywhere. But on this night of romance, it might be best to avoid heavy meals, beans, and garlic. The latter is especially important if you’re dating a vampire. 

A hike

A hike? In February? Sure, you might live in a cold weather climate where outdoor activities are more appealing when Mother Nature cooperates, but that doesn’t have to stop you. Winter hiking is why snowshoes were invented! Consider a day hike in the mountains or, if you live somewhere nice, a stroll on the beach under the stars. 

A concert

You don’t need Kenny G to bring romantic music into your life. If you live in a big city, you can find live music any night (including Valentine’s Day). Take your loved one to see a favorite local band (if they’re playing) or consider courting them with jazz. That never fails. 

A sporting event

If you and your partner are both sports fans, a sporting event makes a great V-day date! From the NBA to the NHL and the array of college sports, there’s quite a bit of variety to choose from. Look pretty – the kiss cam is likely to be in rare form! 

A staycation

People who have kids can especially benefit from a staycation – drop the little ones at grandpa and grandma’s and get a room at the nicest hotel in town. Dine in style, check out the mini-bar, and use the bathroom without your children asking for a play-by-play. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t everybody’s jam, but it’s a great excuse to celebrate couple-hood. The above are just a few ideas on how to bring in the love. But, ultimately, the details might not matter that much.  After all, it’s not what you’re doing but who you’re with that counts. 

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