The Best Five Mobile Apps for Adventure Seekers


Adventure? There’s an app for that! In fact, there are dozens of apps for people who embrace travel, the great outdoors, and extreme sports. There are even apps for people whose adventure is a little more lowkey (like nature hikes and bird watching).

Whether you live on the edge or closer to the ground, the following five apps can help you make the most of your moments:


Remember your Spanish teacher from high school who told you that you’d never learn the language because you always skipped class? Boy, was she wrong! iTranslate helps you learn words and phrases in over 50 languages. You choose a word and the language you need it translated into and your smartphone will do the rest. 


This app is perfect for travelers: point your phone at any location and the internet will tell you what’s nearby. Wikitude can do this for most popular destinations, though it’s most accurate in Europe and the United States. You can use it to find everything from hotels to Hardees

Take My Shift

The Take My Shift app is the perfect addition for adventure seekers who don’t want their pesky jobs getting in the way of all their fun. This app is designed for a staff of 20 or less who want to manage their shifts spontaneously. Using it helps avoid group texting and mass emails – simply use the app to see who can clock in while you’re flying down the slopes. 

Adventure Junky

Adventure Junky is desired to unite like-minded adrenaline seekers from all over the world; it provides a social network of sorts for those looking for everything from white water rafting to paragliding. But it’s not just about learning where the best snowboarding is or which beach has the highest waves; it also allows people to compete with one another, earn awards, and share their own experiences. 

Miss Travel

Dating is, of course, its own type of adventure. But this app takes it even further. Miss Travel lives by the tagline “never travel alone” and allows people to find someone with which to take a trip. Among the app’s benefits: proposing trip ideas, determining the type of trip, and even deciding who pays. You can also choose to have your potential mate come to you, you can choose to go to them, or you can choose to meet somewhere neither of you reside.

If you seek adventure, then the world is your playground! These apps can help you plan, prepare, or simply be spontaneous. 

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