5 Ways to Get Your Team Involved in Generating Newsletter Content

Newsletters don’t just give people a chance to brag about their children around the holidays; they’re also a vital part of business. Your company celebrating its fortieth anniversary? That’s way more impressive than your nephew making the boring swim team!

Even so, company newsletters are only as good as their content. And the best content has a variety of contributors and voices

So, how do you get your team excited about spreading the news? Try the following:


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Bribery works for a reason, giving employees something in return for their efforts (when a paycheck is not enough). Offer a free lunch to the employee who comes up with the most exciting story or start a contest. Twenty newsletter articles? That’s equal to an extra half-day off.  


People like to have their ideas heard, making a brainstorming session a great way to let your employees shine. Hold these sessions once a month and encourage creative and innovative thoughts. And, importantly, decide during the session who is going to write what and when it is due. AWeber makes sending your newsletter fast and easy; bribery makes writing it fast and easy, too.  

Seek out different voices

If you want your newsletter to cast a wide net, you must cast one, as well: seek out a variety of voices from your company (not just the people with whom you work closely). And make sure a variety of areas are represented. If your company is national, ask people from offices to lend a hand. 

Use an editorial calendar 

An editorial calendar is an excellent resource for newsletter creation. It makes it simple for employees to volunteer for the assignments that are of interest to them. You can publish the calendar somewhere online (like Google Docs) where people can access it whenever they want. Make it convenient for people to contribute, and they’ll be much more likely to do their share. 

Allow for personal branding

Not everyone has a personal brand to promote – we’re not all Kardashians - but many people do. From the waiter who is a photographer on the side to the ski instructor who wants to be an actor, many people are more likely to promote the business when they can also promote themselves. Just make sure their personal branding is aligned with the corporate one. 

Newsletters keep customers up-to-date on company happenings and encourage traffic to your site. They also drum up business. Diverse voices and enthusiastic participation helps your newsletter standout, leaving it less likely to go straight to the SPAM folder. 

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