Why SEO is Important Even for Locally Owned Businesses

Do you have a website without SEO? Then you’re not harnessing the Internet’s potential. A website that isn’t optimized with keywords prevents you from reaching new customers and keeping the ones you have. This isn’t only true for giant corporations: even local businesses need their online marketing to flourish.

So, why give your SEO some TLC? The reasons include: 

People look for services online

Around 80 percent of the population looks for products and services online (yep, even those buying locally). Without an online presence, you’ll miss out on 80 percent of your potential customer base. But a website that ranks 105thon Google won’t do you any favors. Improve your SEO and you’ll improve your rankings. Then you’ll improve your visibility, too.  

Local businesses still have competition 

So you have a body shop in a small town – guess what? So does Stan from down the street! Having a local business does not give you a monopoly on a certain type of service. Local means nearby; it doesn’t mean only. An SEO optimized website lets people find you instead of your competition. That’s right, Stan can stuff it!

Online is the new word of mouth

Once upon a time, people talked to one another – then the Internet was invented! Now, we communicate in a new way. Take online reviews, for example:  they serve as “word of mouth” advertising that can make or break your business. There’s little point in having good reviews on your website if no one sees them. Improve your SEO and you’ll assure that they will. 

SEO is cost-effective

If you’re looking to advertise, you have lots of options – radio ads, tv spots, an employee on a street corner spinning a fancy sign. Few options are as cost-effective as SEO. SEO continuously drives traffic to your site – the sky’s the limit in the number of new customers it can bring in. That alone makes it an exceptional return on your investment. Need somewhere to put your SEO? Bluehost offers highly affordable web hosting with steal-of-a-deal rates. 

Other businesses are already doing it

In an era where keeping up with the Joneses is integral to business, you must consider SEO – most companies already use it, including your rivals. A failure to adapt to the times results in a loss of new clientele. If people need your services and they can’t find you through a keyword search, they’ll just find someone else, instead. 

SEO is a vital part of online marketing, making it a necessary part of your business. It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, national or hometown. If you want customers to walk through your door, they must be able to find you easily. 

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