The Benefits of Using a Virtual Help Desk for Your Small Business

The virtual world has officially met the real one: somewhere, George Jetson is smiling. In fact, virtual help desks are becoming as common as those brick and mortar. It certainly makes sense for a company to jump ship: virtual help desks dispatch support on demand when people actually need it.  In other words, they allow you to quit paying Tommy to sit behind a desk playing Candy Crush during down times.  

But this isn’t the only advantage: virtual help desks are filled with benefits. Some of these include: 

Tech support 24-7

In the modern world, “working 9-5” is little more than a Dolly Parton song (and movie): most people have workdays that don’t end at dusk. This is especially true in the tech industry– a customer looking to buy a ski pass through a website at midnight will go elsewhere if the page keeps timing out. Virtual chat reels them back in. 

Quick resolution

Virtual help desks are staffed by people who are truly experts in all things tech. This not only benefits your customers and clients (as things are resolved faster), but it benefits your employees, too. Instead of focusing on problems that are not in their area of expertise, they can focus on the tasks in which they excel (and for which they were hired). 

Tracking of issues

Computer issues are like cockroaches and rabbits – there’s never just one! Often, the same issues arise again and again. With a virtual help desk, you can better track this pattern. Once you do, the support team is more prepared to resolve the underlying cause.


A virtual help desk is good for your bottom line. Not only does it allow you to remove overhead (by eliminating your onsite support), but it lets your staff concentrate without interruptions, as well. This increases the business’s bang for its buck. What does productivity mean? Profit!


Sure, we haven’t yet perfected the art of flying cars, but our world grows more technological by the minute. This is both good and bad – technology has a way of solving and causing problems. The best virtual help desks know this and work proactively to solve issues before they arise (or at least before they spiral out of control).  

Virtual help desks make sense on virtually every level (see what we did there?). From saving you money to saving your team frustration, from keeping your customers happy to keeping your clients coming back, they just might prove to be the element your business is missing. Not convinced? Try it for free. Live Chat offers a 30-day trial.  

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