5 Jobs That Offer Flexibility For Your Carefree Lifestyle

People don’t enjoy punching the clock – the redundancy is enough to make most of us want to punch the wall. But not every job involves set timeframes. Certain careers allow you to make money while making the most of your freedom.

So, if you find yourself jonesing to catch some waves or hit the slopes, consider some of these pliable professions that allow you to live life on your terms:


Sure, bartending often comes with a fixed schedule, but it fits the flexible lifestyle for two reasons. First, this is an industry where shift-sharing is common: can’t work a Friday night? No problem – Margo would love to take your shift and your tips. Second, bartending is busiest in the evenings, giving you the chance to pursue your passions during the day. From hiking to snowboarding, some activites are better done in in the sun.

Business owner

What’s the best thing about being a boss? Closing time is whenever you want! Owning a business is the ultimate apex of flexibility. Of course, too much can mess with your profit margin: if you’re never open, it’s hard to make money. But that’s where a good staff comes in: hire people you trust to toe your bottom-line while you’re out enjoying life.

Freelance photographer

Really, a freelance anything offers a ton of flexibility. Still, being a photographer offers an edge: standing behind the camera puts the beauty of this world in front of you. This allows you to have your cake and eat it, too: visit the mountains to photograph nature and stay an extra few hours to canoe down the river.


Some writers work inhouse, writing ad copy or business proposals. But many writing jobs are done from wherever there’s an internet connection. One of the biggest perks that comes with the pen is the flexibility: the globe is your office. You can work from a coffee shop in Paris, France or a less exciting one in Paris, Texas.

Web designer

Even when working for a corporation, many web designing jobs don’t involve a ton of rigidness. Designing, like writing, is a creative endeavor and one where limitations aren’t conducive to success. Bosses who understand this allow their staff to design whenever the artistic sparks fly.

Some jobs offer more flexibility than others, but this list is a good place to start if you’re looking for a balance between work and play. Naturally, a cool boss matters, too – someone who advocates for shift-sharing and open communication can make any job one that’s worth the paycheck.

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