How the Right Mattress Can Improve Your Quality of Life (and Productivity at Work)

Sleep is kind of a big deal – it’d have to be, since we spend roughly a third of our lives doing it. But the best sleep doesn’t happen in any old bed; it requires the right mattress. When it comes to quality of life (as well as productivity in your career), your mattress matters.

So, how can the right mattress enhance your well-being? By doing the following:  

Giving you better nights and better mornings

The quality of sleep you get is even more important than the quantity – there’s little point in going to bed for eight hours if you spend most of the time tossing and turning. Full, uninterrupted sleep helps your body and mind repair itself, giving you the means to conquer the morning. Nectar, a leading online memory foam company, is specifically designed for a deep sleep. Ask it over for a slumber party. 

Enhancing your mood

Most people don’t skip happily out the door in the morning, especially if they’re headed to work. In fact, it’s “work” just to get there. But coming in tired doesn’t do your mood (or your coworkers) any favors.  Lack of sleep leads to irritability and lack of cooperation - that TPS report your boss needs? Maybe it can just write itself. A good night of sleep isn’t a guaranteed promotion, but it certainly can’t hurt your chances.  

Increasing your motivation

Few things damage motivation like being tired. The only pep inadequate sleep provides is “get up and go…sit on the sofa.” With the right mattress, you can still be unmotivated because of other factors. But at least lack of sleep won’t be to blame. 

Reducing aches and pains

Aches and pains start rearing their heads as you get older – eventually, it’s easier to list what doesn’t hurt than what does. Your body can be sore for many reasons – you’re an athlete or used to sitting on the cement block that is your office chair. With the right mattress, your bed will ease that soreness rather than make it worse.   Plush Beds, a company specializing in luxury, can help give your body a break from the daily wear and tear. 

Improving your health

Of course, sleep is also a very important aspect in health. The tired body is less prepared to fight off viruses and bacterium, compromising your immune system and leaving you susceptible to colds. Exhaustion can also interfere with metabolism and increase your risk of heart disease. It interferes with reaction time, blood pressure, and anxiety, too.

The right mattress won’t make you love your job, but it will improve your overall quality of life (ultimately, preparing you to better tolerate your job). By providing quality sleep, it rejuvenates and restores. You might still be tired on occasion, but that’s what coffee is for. ;)

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