Tips for Promoting a Healthy Workplace

The workplace isn’t where most of us go to get healthy. We only sweat when fighting the printer over a paper jam. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s always an opportunity to encourage health, regardless of industry. Just start with the following simple tricks:

Offer healthy snacks

Breakrooms aren’t exactly known for their health. Cookies, donuts, leftover birthday cake – just a glance in the refrigerator’s direction is enough to increase cholesterol. Offering alternative snacks – those filled with nutrition – is a simple and easy way to promote health. Who needs a blueberry scone when you can have a bowl of blueberries?

Encourage socialization

Filling your morning cup of coffee with a little Baileys probably isn’t the key to a productive day. But that doesn’t mean this sort of thing doesn’t belong in a work environment. Encouraging coworkers to socialize on and off the clock not only increases morale, but it also decreases sick days; people with solid social circles enjoy healthier lives. You don’t need to encourage a daily game of beer pong in the hallway; try a weekly happy hour, instead. 

Practice good hygiene

Offices are certainly known for germs – with so many people, one contagion or another is always circulating. Advocating good hygiene can help reduce risk. Stop by your local Walgreens and stock up on things like tissue, hand sanitizer, and Lysol. 

Recommend sick days

One of the reasons offices tend to impersonate petri dishes is because people come to work even when they’re ill. They often do this because they’re afraid they’ll be punished if they miss too much time. Acknowledge this and always encourage staff members to take the day off if they’re under the weather. A day with fewer employees is better than one with Typhoid Mary. 

Try a fitness challenge

Fitness trackers have made walking cool! Tap into the phenom and encourage your staff to get up and get moving. The Runkeeper – a GPS fitness-tracking app that works with smartphones – tracks mileage and time. Use it to foster a friendly competition among coworkers. First one to a hundred miles gets an extra vacation day!

It’s not always easy to bring health into the workplace. But thinking outside the box of donuts, encouraging movement, recommending rest, and advocating for healthy relationships, is a good place to start. 

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