Sweet Treats to Keep in the Breakroom

The breakroom is an important part of any work environment. But what it looks like varies between companies. Some businesses are known to go all out with ping pong tables, big screen TVs, and an onsite massage therapist. Small companies, on the other hand, must do more with less. 

One way to enhance a breakroom is to fill it with snacks. Practical and affordable, snacks prove effective for one reason: people love to eat. So, what kind of sweet treats should you hire? Begin with the following: 


Sure, the way to your employees’ hearts is through their paychecks. But, it’s also through their stomachs. Chocolate is loved nearly universally, making it an apt (and welcomed) addition to any breakroom. Try offering a variety – not just the chocolate squares with that weird pink stuff inside. And splurge on quality too – think Russel Stover over M&Ms. 

Fruit basket 

Eating fruit is something that most of us could stand to do more of. Packed with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, it’s one of the most beneficial things we can put into our bodies. The natural sugars assure it tastes good, as well. An apple a day keeps the sick days away!


Popcorn comes in a variety of flavors (from plain to caramel to cheese). While flavored versions aren’t as nutritious as regular popcorn, all types offer some value (especially when it comes to fiber). To up the health benefits, stay away from microwave popcorn and buy other kinds, instead.


A breakroom without coffee is like Mickey without Minnie, the Lone Ranger without Tonto, butter without bread. But regular old coffee is boring no matter how much sugar you add. Enhance your coffee cred by adding a little zest to the breakroom. Consider splurging on high quality coffee with a variety of flavors. Want to get even more out of your employees? Two words: espresso machine. 


“Healthy donut” might be an oxymoron, but healthy muffins? They exist! From bran to flaxseed to nut, several muffins offer benefits to the body. This isn’t to say you can’t offer regular muffins, too (everyone has a place in their heart for double chocolate chip). Rather, offer a variety (including gluten-free) in hopes of appeasing all employees. 

Stocking your breakroom with snacks benefits your employees, as well as yourself. It offers them a welcoming atmosphere where they can kick back, relax, and refuel. And it allows you to show that you care. Managers who go the extra mile are rewarded with employees who do, as well. 

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