How to Keep Momentum On An Extra Long Shift

Keeping momentum at work is difficult – from bar hopping to hopping into bed, there are so many other things you’d rather be doing. An extra long shift makes momentum even more difficult. You can only go full speed ahead for so long.

Unfortunately, momentum is often a requirement of a job well done. And this means you must find a way to keep it going. How do you do this? Consider the following:

Get moving

Whether you do cartwheels down the halls or run laps around the building, getting up and getting moving is great way to invigorate yourself. If you can add fresh air – a stroll outside, perhaps – you’ll rejuvenate even further. It might be tempting to take a nap on your fifteen-minute break, but fifteen minutes of exercise will do you more favors.  

Stay caffeinated

Coffee completes us! And there’s a reason: caffeine is a stimulant. Without it, many people feel sluggish, tired, and like they just can’t get going. You can overdo it, making yourself too tired in the process. But remember, everything in moderation. And, in moderation, coffee is fabulous. 

Wear a Fitbit

A Fitbit – or any other kind of exercise tracker – can help you keep momentum by cuing you to stay active. Many who use these devices do find that they make people move more. The opposite happens when we forget to put them on – I’m not wearing my Fitbit today. What’s the point of even getting up to go to the restroom?

Take your mind off of work

You can’t take your mind off of work completely (not if you want to actually complete your work), but adding in a distraction is beneficial. The easiest way to do this is to listen to some tunes. Music can help make time go faster, especially when it’s upbeat and dance-worthy.

Make the most of your downtime

Another way to keep momentum involves being proactive in your downtime. In short, use it wisely. Check out the live music scene, go sledding with friends, embark on a weekend getaway. Recharge away from the office so you’ll stay charged when you return to punch the time clock.

Sometimes momentum continues on its own; other times, we need to actively move it forward. These tips can keep you going until your shift is over…or at least until the boss goes home. 

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