How To Build An Applicant Pool By Offering Employee Referral Programs

An employee referral program is one of the easiest ways to hire. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone looking for a job. And they just might be looking for the one you need filled. 

So, why should you consider this type of program? And how do you make sure your employees refer their superstar sister and not their lazy cousin, twice removed….by security. Start by keeping the following in mind:

Employee referral programs decrease the hiring time

A referral program eliminates the need to search and, perhaps, vet to such a large degree. This cuts down on hiring costs, saving you time, money, and manpower. It also cuts down on the odds of hiring someone who will embezzle, backstab, or do something really awful, like steal all the two-ply toilet paper from the supply closet…one-ply tends to chafe. 

You’re more likely to get candidates who go the extra mile

When you hire through a referral program, you’re hiring people who have been vouched for. Their friend, family member, or neighbor across the street tossed their hat into the hiring ring. Knowing this tends to make people go the extra mile: they want to do a good job for themselves and the person who had their back. 

Referral programs keep the staff happy

Another benefit of a referral program is the happiness of your staff. Hiring the friends of your employees can help harmonize the office environment. When people like those they work with, they’re more likely to increase their efforts. All of this can improve production and employee retention. 

Referral programs are an easy way to reward your staff

Referral programs should come with incentives, perks that the typical employee finds attractive. Make sure these incentives are valid – an extra bonus in their monthly paycheck or extra office space to store their snow gear are appealing; a free soda from the upstairs vending machine is not. Offer incentives people want and not those they could get themselves for a measly fifty cents. 

Referral programs allow you to concoct the perfect employee

The best referral programs don’t involve hiring every Tom, Dick and Harry just because every Joe Schmo thinks they’re cool. Rather, these programs give you an opportunity to concoct your ideal employee. Do you want someone with a Bachelor’s Degree? Make sure you say that. Would you prefer someone who knows the restaurant industry? Convey that, too. Do you want someone with managerial experience? Throw that in. Use the referral program as a chance to explain exactly what you’re seeking. Clarity ups the odds that you’ll find it.

Employee referral programs are often a win-win for all involved, both management and staff. These tips can help make referral programs work for you by making sure your new hire works for everyone.

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