How To Make A Big Impression When You Join A New Team

Starting a new job is among the most stressful things a person can go through. It’s up there with moving, changing schools, and being a Cleveland Browns fan. ;) One of the reasons for this stress is that new jobs bring about the unknown.

You may go into a new job wondering if you’ll excel…that’s a fair question. But many focus more on the people they’ll be working with – will they like you or will you quickly become the hot topic of office gossip, relegated to mentions in secret emails and hushed breakroom conversations?

There is no surefire way to get everyone to accept you – some people don’t like anyone. But there are ways to up the odds. One of these ways is to be a good team player from the get go.

So, how do you do this? Try some of the following:

Conform to their rules

Most places of work already have rules in place – both overt, mandated rules and the understood, unwritten kind. Going into a new place of employment and attempting to rewrite these rules will likely leave you rubbing people the wrong way. Instead of trying to change things, conform. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever go against the grain, but give their rules a chance before you decide that they require remediation. 

Don’t be overly competitive

If you start a new job determined to be the star employee within one week’s time, you’ll make more enemies than friends. It’s fine to be competitive, but strive to be competitive with yourself and not the coworkers you’re hoping to befriend. You can step up your game without stepping on toes. 

Ask people questions

What’s one of the most favorite things people like to talk about? Them! Making a good impression with coworkers is, in some ways, no different than making a good impression with anyone else. To foster a friendship, ask people about themselves and truly listen when they reply. 

Go the extra mile

When you go the extra mile right off the bat, you tell your coworkers that you’re dedicated and taking your role as a team member seriously. This doesn’t mean you need to be a pushover, but don’t refuse to do minor tasks merely because they’re not part of your job description. Be eager and willing – that makes you awesome in the eyes of your coworkers and the manager divvying out the paychecks. 

Cover shifts when asked

Of course, there may be no better way to make a good impression than by going to bat for your new peers. Covering their shifts, when you’re able, not only shows them that you’re flexible, but it also sets a precedent. Remember, if you cover the shifts of your coworkers, they’re much more likely to return the favor. 

Starting a new job is rarely stress-free, but the above tips help you make an entrance. First impressions are important. You only get one chance at them, after all. 

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