Shift Coverage as a Form of Networking: Why Covering for Your Coworkers is a Great Career Move

When it comes to switching shifts, people often think of the benefits from the receiving end: someone covers for you, allowing you to spend a week following around a Grateful Dead cover band. But, the perks of covering someone else’s shift are just as important. Not only can they make you more money, but they can improve your reputation, as well.

So, why is covering for Tim on Tuesday or Wendy on Wednesday a good career move? Some of the reasons include:

It shows that you’re easy to work with

Certain people make better coworkers than others. Someone who brews coffee, for instance, is better than someone who always leaves an empty pot. Someone who gives you credit for your ideas, is better than someone whose moniker could be “Plagiarizing Pete.” Someone who is willing to cover a shift for another also earns themselves a favorable reputation. 

It makes you look good in the boss’s eyes

Another benefit to taking someone else’s shift is that it conveys that you’re a hard worker. Why is this important? The reason is obvious: the boss notices people who work hard and people who don’t. If they ever get asked about you in the future, they won’t have to reply, “No comment.”

It makes you likeable

Of course, taking the nightshift so John can go to his son’s baseball game also makes you likeable. This trait is especially important to networking: friends hire friends. It’s a truth of the employment world.

It builds your skills

Practice makes perfect and so does working. The more on the job experience you have, the better skilled you become. You’ll improve your present work, naturally, but extra know-how also better qualifies you for jobs in the future. 

It makes you money

Yes – taking an extra shift makes you money. But how does this improve your networking opportunities? Because sometimes camaraderie takes cash! Want to network at a happy hour or on the slopes? Need to rub elbows with someone at a fancy dinner or a gala? You’ll need some extra cabbage to make it work. 

Covering for a coworker has obvious and subtle advantages. But it often comes down to this: doing someone else a solid is always a good career move. 

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