5 Resources That Will Keep Your Team From Burning Out

Most of us work for a living (thanks for the lack of trust fund, Mom and Dad). We’re forced to put pay before play so we can eat, pay rent, and drive a car. It’s easy for us to dismiss leisure as disposable because other things get in the way. But as more is discovered about the work-life balance, it becomes clear that downtime isn’t optional at all; it’s a necessity.

Fortunately, the world is onto this and resources abound to help along the way. Some of these worth checking out include:

Alberta Blue Cross

Blue Cross is an insurance company – that alone is enough to assume they are not exactly a roaring good time.  But their site offers viable resources for anyone who works on a shift by shift schedule. They are especially focused on helping shift workers make time for exercise and normalize their sleep patterns. It’s a win for them, of course: if you stay healthy, they don’t have to pay for your hospital visit.


TimeTune is a time management application that allows you to track how you spend your day. It’s more than just a scheduling app – it offers statistics that can increase your productivity (ultimately increasing downtime, too). It’s designed to keep you on track – get to work, get it over with, and get on with enjoying your life.

American Psychological Association

Do you want to learn how to create a psychologically healthy workplace? Just ask the American Psychological Association. Not only do they offer resources on a work-life balance, but they also help with employee growth and development, employee recognition, safety, and employee involvement. Don’t worry, you can trust them – they’re doctors!


As it turns out, nothing smells rotten in Denmark! Why do they make this list? It’s simple: the citizens of Denmark are the happiest in the world (they’re not just good Danes, they’re great Danes). One of the reasons for this is their mastery of a work-life balance. Their works lives are highly flexible and socialization among coworkers is encouraged.

Simply Yoga

Ah, yoga – it’s one of the things we all know we should do but we rarely find time for. This is understandable: going to a yoga class is timely and expensive. Simply Yoga seeks to remedy the inconvenience yoga “poses.” No matter where you are, you can use this app to bust out 10-minute sessions or those that last an hour. You can customize your workouts, too.

Balancing life with your career is harder than it seems – in a world that is run by money, making it will always be a focus. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are resources available to help you cultivate this balance. The more you do, the more natural it becomes.

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