Asking For Time Off At A New Job

Taking time away from your job is a necessity – all work and no play doesn’t only make Jack a dull boy; it makes him a stressed one, too. Still, requesting time off from a new job can be tricky – you just got here and you want to leave already? So, how do you go about this in a manner that is beneficial to you? Start by:

Making sure you have a good reason

Time off from a new job requires a certain finesse. Importantly, make sure the reason for your request is a good one. Asking for time off to attend a friend’s beach wedding or a nephew’s graduation is understandable. But requesting time off to catch up on your sleep? You see, we build to that.

Acknowledge the awkwardness

The first days on a job are like first dates – strange, awkward, and leaving you afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing. Add a vacation request into the mix and the awkwardness goes up a notch. Own this! Acknowledge that you feel odd asking for time off so early in your employment. This shows that you lack entitlement, something many managers don’t want to deal with.

Be flexible

When requesting time off, come to the table with flexibility. If you request a weekend off, offer to work the late shift (or another weekend) in return. Flexibility conveys willingness to compromise. If you’re willing to compromise with others, they’ll be willing to compromise with you, as well.

Show appreciation

If your request for time off is granted, show your appreciation. Be grateful, be thankful, and be willing to cover for your coworkers in the future. If you fail to do this, you decrease the odds that your next request will be given much – if any – consideration.

Do it sparingly

Requesting time off every now and then is one thing; requesting it constantly is a different matter entirely. In a new job, this is especially true: the last thing you want to do is give off the impression that you’re not serious about working. Request time off only when you truly need it and not when you simply want it. And, what’s more, make sure you put in a full effort whenever you’re on the clock. Superstar employees will always have more leeway than those who are merely mediocre.

Requesting time off is awkward, but for new employees it’s even more uncomfortable. These tips will help you merge your life with your work in a way that doesn’t muddy your reputation.

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