Day Travel: Why You Should Take a Day Off

When many of us think of skipping work, we think of doing it for a set length of time – a week or two, or perhaps three or four days. But getting away from the job for just a single day is highly beneficial. In some ways, a day hike to the mountains beats a week’s vacation to Hawaii (in some ways – not in all ways!).

Why is it beneficial to take a minibreak instead of a major one? The benefits include:

It allows you to space out your vacation time

The bad thing about taking a long vacation is that you zap up all your leave at once. Sure, you can ask others to cover your shift, but that might saddle you with an unfavorable reputation: taking off five days in a row the week after you return from a two-week cruise leaves your boss questioning your motives Taking off single days, on the other hand, allows you to space out your time. When one day is over, don’t worry, there’s another break just around the corner. 

It allows you to do new things

You can go to another state or another country and experience new things. But – odds are – there’s plenty in your own backyard that’s new to you (and you don’t have to buy a plane ticket). If there is something local you’ve always wanted to do, take a day and do it. Then think of something else you’ve always wanted to do and make a plan to do that next time.

It broadens your social life

Many people work days, leaving their social life to thrive when the sun goes down. This is fine for some activities – it’s hard to go stargazing at high noon. But other activities are better done (or only possible) during the day. Taking off from work while it’s light out allows you to do more. Surfing, skiing, hiking? They’re all better when you can see five feet in front of you.

It gives you a break

Taking min-vacations instead of one long vacation gives you breaks on a consistent basis. This is a necessary element for your physical and mental health. If you take a day off work every couple of weeks, you’ll always have something to look forward to. And that’s enough to keep you going. 

It turns you into a better employee

Show this section to your boss. ;) Taking regular time for yourself will make you a better employee. We can’t care for others (or our jobs) if we don’t care for ourselves, first. So take a day to rest, relax, or recharge. Then return to the office ready to conquer.

Time off doesn’t need to involve an airplane ticket and a carry-on; taking a single day off can do wonders. It allows you to ration your self-care, which makes you a more productive person and employee. 

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