Your Shopping List for the Ultimate Sick Day Gear

Many of us fall victim to sick days, days when our stomachs ache and our noses drip. We stay at home in bed waiting for our illness to pass and vowing to bathe ourselves in sanitizer from now on.  These sick days aren’t any fun at all.

“Sick” days, on the other hand, are when the magic happens. These “sick” days are less about trips to the bathroom and more about trips to hiking trails, surfing beaches, and mountain tops. They’re days worthy of preparation.

So, if you feel like you’re coming down with the fun flu and need to take a “sick” day, what kinds of supplies should you gather? The following offers a few ideas:

Camping gear

Why camp out inside an office when you can camp under the stars, on the beach, or inside the majesty of a secluded forest? There is nothing quite like fresh air to cure your fake illness! But, before you head into the Great Outdoors, make sure you have fantastic equipment. Camping Maxx sells everything from high end camping gear to disaster preparedness. Don’t just survive, thrive!

The right shoes

We’ve all heard the adage: “Up a creek without a paddle.” But how about “On a trail without the right shoes” (give it time, it’ll catch on!). Active Advantage outfits your feet for all your adventures. Go for a run, take a hike, spend your day on a nature walk. Just be sure to cough every now and then, in case your boss is somehow watching.


Don’t forget the SPF while you’re MIA from work. Sunscreen – as everyone knows – protects the skin from cancer, both the common basal cell, as well as the rarer and more serious melanoma. Yet its duties don’t end there: sunscreen also protects you from sun damage, a major cause of wrinkles. Lather up and get carded until you’re seventy! 


You gotta eat, right? No “sick” day supply list is complete without a variety of snacks. If you’re spending the day doing something physical, consider stocking up on food that is high energy – nuts, dried fruits, protein packs. If you’re spending the day on the beach, stock up on chips, fruit, cheese, and crackers.  Beer and wine? Sure! That’s part of the food pyramid, isn’t it?


If you’re venturing off to somewhere scenic, a camera is a necessity. But, be sure you don’t post the pictures where your manager will see them. Wait a few weeks before you add them to your social media page. Bosses may check the Internet in an effort to see who’s been good and bad. They’re like Santa, but with pink slips. 

Books and magazines

Sometimes, the best part of a “sick” day is it lets you do a lot by doing nothing much at all. This is where books and magazines come in. If your sick day involves a day at the local cafe or lounging poolside, don’t forget to stock up on reading material. Bring it along as your lunch date: feast on a Catcher in the Pastrami on Rye. 

“Sick” days are most rewarding when you’re feeling fine and dandy. Prepare for your day by gathering the necessary supplies beforehand. Then sit back, relax, and practice your alibi for when you return to work. 

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