Shiftwork Got You Down? Recharge Your Batteries in Orlando

Working shifts can be shifty (with one particular letter replaced). The inconsistencies in your schedule leave you tired, run down, and in desperate need of a recharge. This is when you need a break: Orlando to the rescue!

Orlando is an obvious place to flock. Fun in the sun? It offers it in spades. But, the home to Mickey Mouse isn’t all Disney, all the time. There are many things to do in town, including the following:

Hit the Beach

Orlando isn’t beachside: you can’t run out of your hotel room and into the welcoming arms of the Atlantic Ocean. But, it’s Florida. That means the beach is never very far away. In fact, there are several beaches nearby, all with a driving time just over an hour.

Take a hike

Lake Tibet-Butler offers an escape for many tourists visiting Orlando. Located on a 440-acre nature preserve, this hike offers beautiful views, fresh air, and - something that’s hard to find in Florida - shade! You don’t need to get out your boots and prepare to hike a fourteener – the stroll is relaxing and light.

Play with your Food

The Universal CityWalk and Downtown Disney feature several fun restaurants that make dining an adventure. The House of Blues? Planet Hollywood? The Raglan Road Irish Pub? If you’re in the mood for festivity, Orlando is here to serve you.

Go for a Ride

No Orlando list is complete without mentioning its main attractions. From Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure, we’re noticing a theme…park. With so many different parks to choose from, odds are high that you’ll find something you like. Pick a park based on your interests and your tolerance for crowds. If you’re looking for discount tickets, check out the Best of Orlando. They’ll help you find excitement without extreme expense.  

Hop on a helicopter

Orlando, like many areas that rely heavily on tourism, offers helicopter rides to those ready to spread their proverbially wings and fly. Take a tour of the gorgeous Florida landscape or hover over Disney World. You can also fly near celebrity homes…it’s so much easier than stalking by foot.

Orlando is a favorite destination of many, but it’s more than animation. This list helps you get all your Donald Ducks in a row and plan a trip of variety.

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