Unified Communication And How It Can Empower Your Team

Unified communication is a platform that encompasses all modes of communication. It wraps them up in cloud technology, making sure you never miss the chance to connect with clients and staff. Chat? Check. Text messages? Check. E-mail? Check. Phone calls? Check. Video conferencing? Check. Desktop sharing? Check. LiveChat that provides online chat and helpdesk software? Check. The only thing missing is the telegram. 

With this platform, people have the option of mixing devices and mediums. For example, it allows you to access a voicemail through your email. It’s not a single product or service, but rather a set of products and services that provide a unified experience for the user. 

Unified communication exists out of the necessity for convenience – it’s hard to juggle multiply modes of communication. It’s frustrating not only to business owners and staff, but also customers. Unified communication unifies this medium, and cloud technology makes it possible. 

The Cloud

For many of us, the concept of cloud technology is complicated. The cloud? Why don’t we just talk about nuclear fusion? But it’s not as scary as it seems: the “cloud” is just the Internet; something we already use every day!

Cloud technology makes use of the world wide web’s storage capacity. Cloud computing involves ditching the hard drive and storing data over the Internet (from which you can then access it). There is no arguing that this type of technology is effective. It’s proactive, as well - it allows companies to prepare for the future, a future without the computers we once knew. 

While laptops are common in today’s day and age, it’s not likely they’re self-sustaining; many of us can work on our phones or tablets. Laptops – big, bulky, and requiring access to an outlet more often than smaller machines – will eventually go the way of the personal computer. RIP, PC. 

The Importance of Unified Communication

At the root of all business is relationship. There’s the relationship between consumer and company and the relationship between people who work for that company. The latter can affect customer relationships – if staff members don’t communicate properly, they’ll leave their customers waiting (or neglected altogether)…ultimately losing business.

Unified communication provides a platform that benefits all communication, both internal and external. It provides one interface to manage rather than several that overwhelm, confuse, and assure that – somewhere along the line – a ball gets dropped.  

Small companies may especially benefit from unified communication. In environments where staff members tend to wear many hats, a one-platform-fits-all gives staff a reprieve from the hectic and the hassle. And that improves customer relations in the process. 

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