Vegas: A Great Destination for Your Group’s Next Getaway

There’s just something about Las Vegas that the average person finds attractive - Lady Luck’s curled finger calls us over and we willingly obey. But, of course, people don’t flock to Vegas merely in hopes of turning a nickel into five million dollars (if that’s your retirement plan, it’s time to talk to your financial advisor). Rather, Las Vegas offers all sorts of things to all sorts of people. Here’s just a taste of what you can do:

Embrace a scorching nightlife

The Vegas Strip is on fire, metaphorically and literally (average nighttime temps hover around eighty degrees in the summer). From a figurative sense, the action is scorching. Concerts, nightclubs, magic shows – if you’re looking for a collection of things to do, check out the Best of Vegas.  They’ll clue you in on the attractions that are most attractive.

Stay at luxurious hotels

Las Vegas certainly has its fair share of one-star hotels, but those who want to stay in the lap of luxury don’t need to look very hard. Both on and off the strip, five-star hotels beckon. They offer spas, fitness rooms, pools, state-of-the-art business centers, fine dining, and gambling onsite. Double down on eleven enough times and you might even be able to stay or eat for free. 

Relax poolside

A “relaxing Vegas vacation” seems like an oxymoron: after all, the Entertainment Capitol of the world isn’t exactly known for rest. But – for those who seek relaxation – they can find it. From a massage to hours spent poolside, from facials to shopping, Vegas doesn’t have to be all go, all the time. 


Naturally, gambling is a major part of most Vegas vacations. If it wasn’t, you’d have opted to go somewhere else (like Idaho). Craps, slots, poker, Blackjack – there are many games to choose from. If you play on the Strip, you’ll often encounter higher-than-average limits. If you want to be thrifty, play off strip – even a block or two makes a huge difference. Either way, only play with money you can afford to lose. The luxurious Vegas hotels mentioned above weren’t built on people winning. 

Take in the history

Sin City is filled with history, but you really need to venture off the Strip to find it. Take a cab to Downtown Vegas, a place that is reminiscent of old Hollywood and trailblazers: The Rat Pack, Elvis, Phyllis Diller. Walk down Fremont Street and enjoy more affordable food, entertainment, and better gambling odds.

Vegas offers something for everyone, making it the perfect weekend getaway. From rollercoasters to rolls of the dice, the one thing you won’t be is bored. 

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