Gift Ideas for Departing Coworkers

Parting, as they say, is such sweet sorrow. One thing that helps? Gifts! In fact, giving people free stuff solves all sorts of problems, including the pain of a coworker quitting, retiring, or taking a new job. 

Of course, not all gifts are created equal. A lock of your hair for them to remember you by? Chances are your coworker will survive just fine without that. Instead, try one of the following:


Give them a Fossil and “watch” their reaction. These pieces are affordable and engravable – engrave their initials or the years they worked at your company. You can also purchase jewelry, purses, handbags, or smart watches. That’s right: Fossil is hip to the “times.” ;)

Russel Stover

Chocolate is the universal food group, adored by nearly everyone with taste buds. If your coworker isn’t cuckoo for cocoa, consider toffee, brittle, or jelly beans. A “best of” basket is often a safe bet.  Find a way to eliminate calories, and this gift would be perfection. 

Just Be Nice

The Just Be Nice apparel company offers clothes with a conscious. It’s a company with a simple mission: leave the world better than you found it. Its merchandise is used to spread the mission and cultivate a world of kindness. Buy it for the coworker that is socially aware. 

MLB Shop

If your coworker is a baseball fan, hit a home run with a gift from this online store. You can find a variety of things, including team-themed hats, jerseys, and even bedspreads. Consider something they can use at their next job, like a Chicago Cubs mug. Baseball may be America’s Favorite Past-time, but drinking coffee is a close second. 


From hockey to basketball, college to the Olympics, and every play in between, a present from this site is perfect for those who are fanatic about sports. You can purchase everything from socks to clocks to hats and bats. You can also find autographed memorabilia and throwback jerseys. 

It’s never easy to say goodbye, but the gesture of a gift helps. Send your coworker off with a bang and some new swag by which they will remember you forever. 

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