3 Ways eBay Can Help Your Business Grow (Without Driving Your Team Crazy)

Ah, eBay – we know it well. We run to this site with open arms and open wallets whenever we’re in the need for something new or used. Jean jackets, children’s toys, a treadmill that, by gosh, we swear we’ll use – eBay is like Disneyland for the zealous shopper. 

But, as many times as we’ve been buyers, we’re sellers, too. From the individual ditching the traditional garage sale in favor of technology to the e-commerce team using eBay to increase profits, the marketplace works. 

If you’re in the latter category, and part of an e-commerce team, eBay is especially helpful. Sure, the world wide web gives you access to the world wide, but it does more than that. eBay offers a chance for your team to take a breath, take a break, and let technology work on your behalf. Thank you, Al Gore, for your incredible invention of the Internet!

Some of the ways eBay helps small e-commerce teams include: 

Management of your business

The Seller Hub is where all the business magic happens; it consolidates every selling tool into one location. And it does it for free! This helps you manage your business by promoting listings, tracking all orders, creating custom dashboards, following activity, recording sales, viewing traffic, and adapting prices. 

Analysis of your business

Analytics may be a bore to those who don’t dig numbers, but they’re a necessary element of business. By studying the stats, you can learn what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right. eBay offers you this insight, providing you with helpful information on how to improve your business and make more sales. 

Keeping on top of shipments 

What is the most frustrating thing for an Internet shopper? Placing an order that never arrives. eBay helps you stay on top of your orders, tracking shipments and locating them easily. Having the power to tell a customer, “Your order is in Portland and will arrive by Friday” is much preferred to telling them “We’re not sure where you order is. We know that it’s on Earth.” Not only that, but eBay allows you to print shipping labels, manage returns, and review past orders of repeat customers. 

eBay isn’t just a place to sell old wedding gowns (yes, that’s a thing); it’s also an absolute must use for e-commerce teams (both those large and small). Its ease and simplicity make it a valuable tool for driving up business without driving your staff crazy. 

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