Must-Read Blogs for Small Business Owners and their Teams

Blogs! Everyone has one – you, your mom, your pet goldfish (“Not So Deep Thoughts” by Goldie). Businesses? They have blogs, too! In fact, a blog is a major factor in a website’s success. Blogs drive traffic, foster loyalty, and give brands a voice.

But, alas, not all blogs are a worthy read (see aforementioned goldfish blog). Some are used as space fillers, made of lots of words that don’t say much at all. This is true for both personal blogs and those penned by companies. 

In regards to the latter, blogs should be well organized, free of fluff, and highly informative. Some of the best examples of blogs you should be following include:

The Bluehost Blog

The Bluehost Blog lays out its topics in a clear, easy-to-follow format. Do you want to read articles on WordPress? They have plenty. Are you interested in general online marketing techniques and tips? They have those, too.  What about web hosting? Make yourself at home on their URL and read away. 

eBay for Business

The eBay for Business blog is full of updated, ongoing resources designed for those in the ecommerce world. Its purpose is to empower the person (or team) behind the listing, supercharging sales and streamlining the process.  It’s a blog that offers a chance to lend your own voice. Do you have something you’d like published? They’re open to contributions. 

Live Chat 

Live Chat’s blog is filled with topical, up-to-date information that keeps readers abreast of the changing trends in the industry. The articles are fun and easy: read them for pleasure, as well as education. Some of the topics include: A Guide to Really Bad Customer Service (Written by Devil’s Advocate)Write a Blog Post, and You Tube SEO Tips.


The blog at AWeber focuses on email marketing and automation (not surprisingly, since the company does, too). But they also bring in plenty of information regarding social media. Recent posts include: 12 Questions with the Social Media Experts and Sendible,and This Art Director Reviewed 50 of the Most Popular Emails – Here are the Top Design Trends You Must Know

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach, a service that focuses on influence marketing, features a blog that does the same. It covers topics about finding freelancers, hiring good talent for your business, writing successful link emails, and finding business leads.

Blogs are a dime a dozen, located around every proverbial corner of the internet. The best blogs are worthy of your time and attention. Visit them regularly for most effective results. 

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