Cloudways: A Necessary Tool for Small Ecommerce Teams

There are certain things that come to mind when we think of computers as they pertain to business. Some of us think about Apple taking over our jobs, turning a previously diverse office of Janes and Joses into one where everyone is named Mac. But the reality is that computers aren’t out to hurt your business; they’re out to help it. Running a company without taking advantage of the latest technology might be akin to running it into the ground. 

For small ecommerce teams, pouncing on new programs and software is a given; when selling online, you must make use of anything that helps you sell more, sell faster, and keep customers satisfied. Your competitors are already on the technology bandwagon. You have to be, as well! 

So, what are some of the Cloudways tools absolutely vital to you? They include:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t involve a robot secretary bringing you coffee and giving you shoulder massages (not that that wouldn’t be awesome). Rather, it involves numerous tools that allow you to operate your company at a higher level. 

Some of the perks of Artificial Intelligence include an increase in conversions (through an ecommerce experience that is simple and memorable), autocomplete search, collection and analysis of customer data, marketing optimization software, influencer tools, brand mentoring, and voice command APIs. 


ePacket is a new, fast method for shipping from China and Hong Kong to other areas of the globe. It made a name for itself after AliExpress deemed it a shipping option, effectively reducing the average ship time from China to 12 days (originally, it was between 30 and 40 days). For companies that dropship, it’s among the fastest ways to get products into the hands of your customers. Of course, it saves money, as well – shipping from China isn’t cheap!


Speaking of the dropshipping mentioned above, WooCommerce offers plugin after plugin that makes this process simpler (satisfying your customers and your financial advisor!). But that’s not all it does. It enhances security, optimizes for better load times, offers team collaboration, gives you control over your servers, monitors around the clock in real-time, and integrates various service so that you have them all in one place. All of this amounts to higher conversions, the most necessary element of e-commerce!

Running any business is hard. Running a small business is even harder – molehills more easily turn into mountains and grow harder to summit. But, with the necessary tools, you can help assure a less bumpy ride. 

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