Conserve Staff Hours and Improve Customer Service Using Online Tools

When you’re running a business, every minute counts. When you’re running a small business, every second counts. Wasted time? It’s not a luxury you have. But, fortunately, you don’t have to do everything; juggling marketing, bookkeeping, and customer service until your arms tire and your customers grow frustrated. There are many companies that can help you streamline your process. 

Your streamlining needs are based on your individual situation – some companies streamline everything, others just a task or two. Whatever your desire, a few available options include:

A virtual office

Virtual offices appeal to small companies because they’re much more affordable than leasing a suite: don’t pay for space you don’t need. You can pick and choose what you want your setup to entail, but some of the benefits offered include a physical mailing address, a phone number that’s local, a receptionist, and conference rooms for when you need to meet – and impress – your clients. 

Ninja Outreach

Sure, this company may sound ideal for any businesses specifically looking for ninjas, but it’s actually ideal for anyone in the market for bloggers and social media influencers. It provides access to millions of contacts in a variety of niches. Send automated emails, customize your outreach, and digitally track your contacts.


The tagline of Grasshopper is “Look like a national company or establish a more local presence.” That’s exactly what this virtual phone service offers. It not only helps your marketing efforts, but it also helps you organize and manage incoming calls. It’s a must have for anyone with a large phone presence.  


You know when you’re on a website, lost and confused, and then – out of nowhere – the live chat appears with an http hero to help you? That’s what this company does. It reaches out to customers visiting your site. It’s proactive without being pushy. More effective than a phone call and designed to keep your customers from waiting. 

Document management software

Managing paper documents is a giant hassle. If the impact on planet Earth isn’t enough to convince you to switch to digital, just think of all the painful paper cuts you’ll avoid. There are several document management software programs to choose from, but they come with a common goal: create, send, and track documents online. It saves time, money, and the need for an ugly filing cabinet.

If you are a small business, streamlining is less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Delegate the details to services you trust and put your focus where you need to.  

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