5 Food Service WordPress Themes We Love For Small Businesses

The restaurant industry is one focused on the visual. Our mouths water when passing a giant billboard advertising a juicy hamburger. Our stomachs growl when paging through a magazine with an ad for French Fries. And the commercials filled with sweet, rich desserts? We practically want to lick the television screen. 

For those in the restaurant business, this means one thing: if you want customers to walk through your door, it all starts with an appetizing website. 

WordPress offers several pre-built template options that fit this bill. We recommend purchasing yours through TemplateMonster.com, and if you need a few ideas, we have plenty to get you started! 

Our Top Choices for Food Service WordPress Themes

Coffee Shop – Café Bar Pub Restaurant

Whether you sling java or Jager, this theme applies. It’s clean, crisp, and offers enough sophistication to draw in the working crowd. Lure in the novelist who lives on espresso or speak to the CPA looking for a happy hour. 

La Food- Italian Restaurant Responsive

You don’t have to own an Italian restaurant in order for this theme to work (but if you do, great!). This option is ideal for any restaurant that offers its customers fresh ingredients. The layout is simple but classy and versatile enough to attract those looking to eat lunch or dinner. 

GutenBerg – Beer Pub and Brewery

With so many breweries popping up, it’s vital for your business to standout. This WordPress theme is sure to attract thirsty customers. It tells consumers that you take beer seriously – craft over Coors! Cheers to effective marketing!

Blogetti Restaurant

Take a taste of this theme and bite into the optimal visual experience. It has an excellent layout and offers lots of space for your photographs. It’s simple, but says enough to whet an appetite. 

Vegetarian Restaurant

It’s a good time to own a vegetarian restaurant – more and more people are turning semi-vegetarian, full vegetarian, or vegan (and giving up cheese?).  This theme screams freshness, something vegetarians certainly want their meals to be. 

On the one hand, the restaurant industry is a booming business – after all, people have to eat! But it’s also a saturated industry: when it comes to choosing somewhere to chow, the menu is limitless. You must make your restaurant shine! There are several ways to do this (having awesome food, for example), but your web presence acts an appetizer. A dynamic WordPress theme assures your first impression is a good one.

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