Is a Stock Photo Subscription Worth the Cost for a Business with an Active Blog?

From the value of art to the popularity of Instagram, people are attracted to the visual; pictures and video go a long way in getting you noticed. As a small company, attention is a necessity! Yep, having a website void of photos is a marketing mistake. A blog without photos? It’s more of a “blah.” 

However, not all photos are equal, even though so many of us have a camera phone at our fingertips. Stock photos often offer the kind of quality you can’t find elsewhere, making them worth the cost. But high-quality pics aren’t the only reason to dive into the word of for-purchase digital prints. Other benefits include:

Stock photo services offer variety

Sure, there are dozens of free photo sites all over the web. And some have decent pictures. But they lack variety, especially if you’re looking for something specific. This lack of variety forces you to settle, ultimately compromising the aesthetic appeal of your brand.

Stock photography services remove legal worries

The internet is filled with photos of just about everything you can imagine. While a small portion of these photos are in the public domain, the vast majority aren’t: copyright applies even if it’s not explicitly stated. This prevents you from scouring cyber space, finding a photo you like, and legally using it in any manner preferred. 

Professional photos polish your brand image

It’s no secret that paid photo services offer better photos than those that don’t charge. Like the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” When you pay nothing, expect that in return. Most people can tell the difference between a professional photo and one uploaded by your next door neighbor. And customers take notice of companies that take time to perpetuate professionalism. 

Stock photo services aren’t as expensive as you might think

Some people equate signing up for a photo service to shelling out for an original Ansel Adams. In reality, the variety of packages offered help make subscription services affordable. Besides, these services are investments – shelling out some dough for photos can help you earn more in return. 

Professional photo directories save time

You already know that photos are a necessity, but finding the right photo can be time consuming. Stock photo services offer so much variety (as mentioned above) that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for with a few keywords. This saves you time, a priceless asset for small businesses. 

Even before video killed the radio star, we were a visual society. The age of technology has only made us more so. In order to compete, you must embrace visual appeal and up your photo game. Pictures aren’t only worth a thousand words, they’re also worth a heck of a lot of link clicks. If you’re interested in professional photos for your website, we recommend giving Adobe’s stock photo programa shot. 

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