Make Staffing Easier With These WordPress Plugins

WordPress– it gets all the, eh, press. Why? Because it’s the go-to platform for building a blog or website. It’s accessed by startup and established companies alike and lauded for its ease-of-use. You don’t need to hire a computer programmer to post a blog – you can do it all on your own. 

But where would WordPress be without its plugins? It’d be a platform limited in its ability and appeal. Most people who use WordPress purchase several different types of plugins – these provide you with the chance to customize your website exactly the way you want. Do you need to use an affiliate link? What about the option to replicate pages? Do you want to optimize your SEO? Just as there’s an “app for that,” there’s a plugin, too. 

When it comes to staffing, there are several plugins designed to making staffing easier. At Elegant Themes, there are many to choose from, including:

Staff List

The Staff List plugin give you the chance to create different listings and directories. You can produce staff directories, lists of medical personnel, church directories, lists of team members, lists of organizations, or any other type of directory you need.  It’s easy to navigate (even for a novice), comes with excellent customer service and support, and is suitable for both small and large staff directories. Other perks include custom templates, responsive layouts, easy to add short codes, the option to create data entry in your own language, and CSV export/import. 

Staff Directory

The Staff Directory plugin is simple in design, but it has the capacity to do a lot. It generates staff lists rather than individual staff pages, which might make it unappealing for large companies. For small businesses? It’s the perfect plugin. Create custom templates and add staff details. The latter allows you to link your staff’s social media pages, bios, and photos…all things that customers want to see (even if your employees don’t fancy themselves photogenic).  

Staff Team

The Staff Team plugin lets you list your employees while allowing customers to get in direct touch with those employees. Some of the perks of this plugin include flexible parameters (change your parameters depending on category), listing of full view and single contact view, contact forms, front end searching, responsive layouts, different styles and color schemes, and language options so nothing gets lost in translation. 

An effective website starts with a classy look – embrace elegance with a WordPress plugin. Show your customers the faces behind the company and foster trust, communication, and relationships. 

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