What Startup Businesses Should Expect from a Web Host

In the modern era, technology rules. As a small business, this requires you to keep up with the Joneses (and The Jetsons!). This means that things once viewed as frills are no longer optional. A website? If you don’t have one, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The full-page ad you took out in the Yellow Pages just isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Of course, it’s not enough to merely have a URL – you must have one that offers your consumers lots of TLC. And this kind of attention begins by having a good web host.

So, what are some of the things you should expect from a web host? They include:

Solid, timely support

A website that’s down is a website that is not generating any sales (and driving your customers right into the arms of your competitors). A good web host knows this and strives to solve your problems as quickly as possible no matter the hour. But they don’t merely slap the proverbial band-aid on the bandwidth and call it a day: they offer comprehensive solutions full of proactivity. There is little sense is fixing your website if, come tomorrow morning, it’s just going to be down again. 

An easy way to communicate

Your web host can’t tend to your problems if they’re not aware of them. The best services allow for a clear, simple route of communication. They offer chat services and keep you abreast of system statuses. 

A control panel that is easy to use

You shouldn’t have to channel Bill Gates to tend to your website. A good host offers a control panel that allows you to perform basic and common actions no matter your level of computer expertise. You should easily be able to create email accounts, manage databases, backup your site, and track analytics.  

A list of features

People like to know what they’re getting – small businesses are no exception. The best web hosts, like Bluehost (one of our favorites)lay out their features plainly– the bells, the whistles, the cost. You must know what they offer so you know if their company is right for yours. 

Installable software

Odds are, you don’t have time to program a website – carefully crafting every letter of HTML. Your hosting provider must offer software that helps this process, allowing you to install premade web pages. WordPress and similar platforms let you get up and running without a Master’s Degree in Information Systems. 

The quality of web host can make or break your website. A good host offers you fast attention, easy-to-implement solutions, and web pages that are simple to design, control, and manage. Affordability and a money back guarantee? That’s even better! 

Your website must shine in the modern era. Go with a solid provider and bring on the sparkle. 

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