Why Small Business Owners Should Make Staff Continuing Education a Priority

Continuing education is not something everyone engages in. Some people graduate from school, retire their books, and say, “I’m good.” But, for business owners, encouraging lifelong learning is beneficial to you and your employees. Why? In short, the people who work for you can never know too much.

More specifically, some of the benefits of continuing education include:

It allows you to keep the best employees

The employees who show up on time, put in optimal effort, and go above and beyond the requirements of the job? Those are the ones you want sticking around. Continuing education can act like glue! The best employees perpetually pursue development, both in their personal lives and their careers. If you provide this, not only will you keep your best employees, but you’ll attract new ones, as well. 

It leads to increased productivity

What do managers want? Productivity! When do they want it? Now! There’s nothing managers love more than a job well done (bags of cash aside). Investing in continuing education increases job productivity by widening your employee’s skillset. What you spend in training comes back in efficiency (and then some). 

It’s the foundation of cross-training

Employees who are cross-trained are better able to keep the ship righted whenever you’re short-staffed. Continuing education makes sure multiple staff members know how to perform multiple tasks. This allows you to avoid the dreaded scramble whenever Jack takes a day off to go hiking or Gloria casually mentions that she’s taking two months off to travel the globe. 

It saves you money

Just like the old saying “you have to spend money to make money,” you also have to “spend money to save money.” Sometimes this spending is on education. Doling out some dollars for continuing education does indeed save you dough in the long run. How? By making sure you retain employees, by adding to the skillset of your staff, by reducing mistakes, and by limiting the number of problems that arise (and how long it takes to solve them). 

It cultivates camaraderie

Comradery isn’t just about liking the people you work with – it’s about enjoying the person you work for. An environment that fosters comradery will always have a more productive staff than an environment where people simply bide their time, waiting for something better to come along. Investing in continuing education impacts comradery by showing your staff that you care. Invest in people and they’ll invest in you. 

It’s affordable

Sending your staff “back to school” doesn’t need to involve giving them a full-ride to Yale. Continuing education won’t break the bank if you do it right! Platforms that offer online courses allow your team members to learn from anywhere: try the Inbound Marketing Academy offered by Ninja Outreach or the educational services offered through Bluehost or Adobe

Continuing education is often looked upon as optional. But for those who want to run a thriving company with a committed staff who cares, it’s a necessity. 

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